Vet Care

Everything your pet needs all under one roof!

The best in animal care.
As an animal owner, you want to be able to trust that your veterinary clinic is up to the challenge of handling what you need. At Heineke Veterinary Hospital, we pride ourselves on being Alexandria, KY's veterinary clinic of choice for a comprehensive range of preventative medicine and medical treatment services such as check-ups, internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, parasite prevention, vaccinations, exotic animal care, spaying and neutering, and emergency services.
Veterinary auscultation a sick kitten


As the premier veterinary clinic in Alexandria, we take extra care to make sure that your animals are in their peak health and condition. Our check-ups are comprehensive and will tell you if there is anything to be concerned about. Our passion is ensuring that our animal friends are healthy. And that begins with comprehensive check-ups. Don't settle for less than the best. Come see us today!

Preventative care

As part of our routine check-up procedure, the staff at our veterinary clinic in Alexandria will make sure that your animal is provided with the finest in preventative care. This means vaccinations, routine testing for worms and parasites, and other things that can cause your animal duress, or a shortened lifespan. At Heineke Veterinary Hospital in Alexandria, we care about your animal, and will make sure they're given the best care possible.

Emergency care

No one can predict what our animals will get into. No matter how many precautions we take, some things are out of our control. If you need emergency care for your animal or animals, the staff at our veterinary clinic is here for you for those unexpected situations. Call us at (859) 635-3783 during business hours when you need us in a pinch. We're standing by for you and your animals.
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