Therapy Laser

State-of-the-art animal laser therapy treatment in Alexandria, KY

If you're nervous about having surgery performed on your pets, ask our veterinary clinic in Alexandria, KY about the various options we offer. One of those options is animal laser therapy, otherwise known as Companion Class IV Therapy Laser.
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Laser therapy is a non-invasive, non-medicinal form of therapy for many common, yet persistent conditions.

We use laser therapy on nearly all routine surgical procedures with client approval. This helps cut down on recovery time for the patient, but most important to us, it cuts down on the pain for the patient.

Also, laser therapy is used for various musculoskeletal conditions that our pets develop during a lifetime. These conditions can come from age for our geriatric friends, or they from an injury for our lovable friends that just love to jump off of high places. Whatever the need may be, therapy laser can offer a safer alternative to the medicinal approach that can have side effects later in life.


It works by using various wavelengths of light to penetrate tissues and excite cells at the molecular level to begin a cascade of events to help reduce inflammation, reduce pain, cut down on swelling etc.


For the post surgical procedures, we generally perform one laser treatment within 5 – 10 minutes prior to the procedure. For some surgical procedures, the laser treatment is performed the next day.

For musculoskeletal conditions, we want to set up a treatment plan. This treatment plan is coordinated by the veterinarian. The general treatment plan is 6-8 procedures spread over the course of 2-3 weeks and then an evaluation. For these cases, it takes time to see improvement but we have seen wonderful results!

How long does it take? Most procedures only last between 2-10 minutes! These are quick and easy appointments for our companions!
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